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05-14-2013, 07:14 PM
Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
P.S> I now sympathize completely with players complaining about the D'deridex's turn rate, that thing is a wallowing pig, what the hell is even the point of letting it mount cannons. As soon as I get back in I'm dumping the cannons and putting on beam arrays since it's clear the thing is just another fat failcruiser.
As a tactical officer, I managed to get the turn rate of the d'deridex up to 21.2 deg/sec by putting maximum points in Impulse Thrusters. I did not use a RCS console at all. And when I was cloaked, I could turn the ship on a dime. AND, I equipped nothing but cannons on it, as that is the canon weapons load out for a d'deridex.

I think people are too focused on the base stats to remember that you're supposed to use your skill points as well as your consoles, in TANDEM, to improve the stats of a vessel. It seems to me that a lot of players are expecting ships to have turn rates that are already high enough without modification, so that they can focus their points and consoles on things they want to make OP, like energy weapons damage, or shields and hull, or some other system.

And with the fix to the Impulse Thrusters skill, you could put 6 points, or even 3 points, in it, and it would make a marked improvement on your D'deridex's turn rate. Instead of people complaining about the D'deridex not being a tactical cruiser, try making it into one with the skills your toon has available.