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OOC: Everything old is new!

Well we can start by separating/naming the different realities we made. This thread's, Voporak's, Voporak's mirror universe, this thread's alternate reality, etc.

EDIT: Btw, when in 2409 is this Allen? If it's at the correct spot, Voporak in "real-time" of this thread (as far as that goes) might appear. Won't that be fun.
*OOC: It is real time in 2409.. following events as it would. The thread went from 2409 in a previous thread and went on from there to 2410 all the way to 2420-2421 when we jumped ahead to 2520 and such. Voporak's time is in the past which is before those events happened. Then the mirror universe. Then this second mirror universe. So there are three universes but one real timeline.

Edit... OOC: Just keep in mind that this Allen is the grandfather to James.*