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OOC: Interesting. So let's say that what is going on right now is just a little bit before Voporak takes his dreadnought after his computer files. Where to begin, though? Voporak has a habit of popping out of nowhere, so why break with tradition now?

*The U.S.S. Black Phantom decloaks directly off the Warrior Angel's port bow and hails*

Voporak: I see you are a little banged up, Captain. Anything I can do to help?

OOC: Feel free to question what a Starfleet Admiral (as in four boxed rank pips) is even doing with a cloaked, sensor-blocked warship.
*Shelana and the ship react confused to this development...*

Shelana: Admiral... It is just...

*Captain Allen returns to the bridge and Voporak sees a familiar face to him oddly but much younger and less tortured. *

Allen: Commander that is not an appropriate way to greet an Admiral especially one that is on the run...

My ship is running diagnostics and running a little bit of repairs. We did have a little bit of a rough run with the Klingons... and Duras.

What are you doing in a cloaked ship and one so advanced.?