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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
*Shelana and the ship react confused to this development...*

Shelana: Admiral... It is just...

*Captain Allen returns to the bridge and Voporak sees a familiar face to him oddly but much younger and less tortured. *

Allen: Commander that is not an appropriate way to greet an Admiral especially one that is on the run...

My ship is running diagnostics and running a little bit of repairs. We did have a little bit of a rough run with the Klingons... and Duras.

What are you doing in a cloaked ship and one so advanced.?
Voporak: That is of no concern, really. What matters is this: I need someone to accompany me on a covert mission to the Gamma Quadrant. I'll beam over some repair teams and then we will go the Bajoran Wormhole. Any questions? No? Good. You also won't mention this to any of those Starfleet put-their-noses-in-everything Admirals.

OOC: Think you know what he's planning in the Gamma Quadrant?
Originally Posted by Ramming Speed at its finest.
[Combat (Self)] Your Ramming Speed III deals 158125 (201492) Kinetic Damage(Critical) to [Player's Scimitar].
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