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05-14-2013, 07:15 PM

i would love to love this ship in game, but its 5 turn rate makes that extreamly dificult. being a TNG fan is the most painful thing to be in this game. they think its station setup does it such a favor, all its done is make it very difficult to use an AtB build on it, the best way to get the most out of a kirktastic cruiser. just +2 to turn rate is next to nothing. it might not be worth even using that console pair.

3 DHC, 1 torp, 4 turrets/3 turrets+1 cutting beam


EPtE1, AtB1, AtB2, DEM3/RSP3

TSS1, HE2, VM1/TB3

borg deflector
borg engine
maco/fleet elite shield


3/4 turn
Molecular Phase Inverter, Projected Singularity, borg
3 energy damage type

doffs- 3 purple tech, 2 systems VM/2 TB shield drain/2 evasive conn/2 BFI

it occurs to me that the galaxyX will proboly be a better kirk cruiser then this will. a very sad thought. your best chance is to use the battle cloak to your advantage as much as possible, and try to hit hard. APO and EPtE will give this ship as much maneuverability as it can possibly have, and the battle cloak should allow for good positioning. if only this thing turned as well as a negvar.
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