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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
Not sure at what your post was aiming at, for sure not being constructive...
Not to be overly critical but how constructive is it to tell someone asking for help with an Odyssey build that they should fly another ship? Be it the Excelsior you suggested or the JHAS I suggested?

Anyways, yes, it was a joke. The joke loses all its humor when explained, but I'll explain it anyways:

Hundreds of threads I see on these forums where someone asks for specific advice on how to gear a particular ship. And people always, without fail, suggest a totally different ship.

So me being the funny person I am (at least in my head) I always like to suggest that the person fly the best ship in STO. The JHAS.

In classic Internet failure, I'm going to present an analogy!

It's like the OP asked what toppings they should get on their pizza.

You suggested they get a Stromboli instead.

I suggested they not even eat at the pizzeria and instead go get some lobster thermadore.

Cause why not? It's better than the pizza and the stromboli.