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aaaand back on topic.

I have found through multiple builds that an all beam cruiser is really only effective some of the time.

This is mainly due to how beams drain your weapon power.

I have also found that your best bet for pve (borg mostly) its to have afew beams to knock down a shield and the rest kinetic weapons since they usualy have more hull points than shield points.

The romulan set is good for this since its beam requires no energy so if you equip 4 beams you only get the energy drain of 3 beams (energy drain is a B if you arent an engineer) - This is close to what I'm running at the moment. I actualy have elite fleet gear for my shields and such as well as the rule 62 console but I assume you dont have it so i added another romulan embassy console.

I havnt run it through a parser yet as i'm still tinkering but I have managed to consistantly place 3rd in sb24(what ever thats worth).

The goal was to minimize energy drain so I could use BO as often as it comes up, this is why there are only 4 weapons that drain energy (as stated previously the romulan beam doesent use energgy). I also get a free bo from the rom set bonus as well as a bonus to plasma weapons. so ontop of the romulan sci consoles you can get a nice boost to your base damage.

I used to use the 2 pice omega set with a maco shield and it worked well enough, the tetryon glider helped knock shield out a little faster for my torpedos. If you dont have the wide angle quantum it isnt a deal breaker you can sub any other torpedo in its place, it just makes broadsides a little weaker.
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