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Originally Posted by eardianm View Post
^^ is not a good fit so much. There are now multiple ways to compensate for beam power drain (you even have one fit), and running that many torpedoes, or rear torpedoes on a cruiser (or any torpedoes tbh) is not a good idea unless you're going for some sassy kinetic boat. Which while fun is not going to put up great numbers, but if it's what you have fun with then go for it. The RCS consoles might make more sense post LoR, right now they hardly do anything for the tub of lard that is the Odyssey.

Well the rom plasma torps move prety slow, so I can have 6 in the air prety easily just while I'm on my way to a target.

The quantum is 180 degress so it will fire while I broadside, and the hargh'peng has such a long reload its really just for when I'm turning around or engaging some one to my rear.

And don't forget the cutting beam.

As for turn rates, on holodeck this oddy hits 12.9 a second before attack patterns.

On tribble it hits 17.0, 17.3 with a weapons>engines warp core.

It's really set up for stf's since most borg dont have shields or even move, and the ones that do are usualy slow enough that I can punch through a shield facing and torpedo through it with no issue.

Like I said tho I haven't run it through a parser yet, still tinkering and waiting for lor.
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