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05-15-2013, 01:52 AM
The day before yesterday I was in CSE with a "I know everything!" person in the team.

After a minute I figured that I was in a low DPS team. "OK, we can make it" was what I thought.
After a while I see in the chat the following "Guys, you know we need to finish within the 15 minutes to get the bonus, right?" I was like "Say what again!?". I cleared the middle cube and the as^2ole started shooting at the cube. I PM-ed him not to kill the cube. "I've done this a hundred times, this is how it's done" was the answer. "It's more like your fifth elite I guess", I answered. Eventually, he killed the cube, and I stopped playing for a minute, just to see how they can cope with the mess....I felt pity for the rest of the team so I got back in, but I decided not to use any buffs and put the scorpions on "recall" - that puts me in the "average PuG-er" DPS level (4k at best), just to demonstrate the difference. After 3 waves of Neghs I got tired and decided to end it.....and the result is another player in the "ignore" list.