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Early 2408. Only recently, a wormhole was discovered in the Beta Quadrant that leads to Polaris. Though previously thought to be a star, travel through the wormhole proved it to, in fact, be an entire galaxy. Although easy access to a whole new galaxy proves to be an exciting prospect, it also presents some dangers...

The T'laets are one such danger. They are a species not unlike the Romulan Star Empire; seeking to expand their borders through deceptive means. And what better way to expand borders than the discovery of an entire new galaxy? One day, the Imperial Command at T'laet Prime dispatched a small vessel, under the command of an elite covert operative named Yenrab, to scout out potential targets in the Milky Way for conquest. His search took him to many locations over many months, and it wasn't long before he arrived at the Virinat system.

Yenrab and his small crew of about 20 began scouting the Romulan colony. Using their species' natural ability to create isomophic projections, they disguised themselves as Romulans and blended in with society. They gathered data over a few weeks, and the data looked promising; several weak colonies ripe for conquest.

Bet then, their cover was blown. A scouting party discovered Yenrab's vessel a couple hundred kilometers outside the colony. When they searched the computer database, they learned of it's mission to scout planets for conquest, and also discovered the T'laets' ability to disguise themselves. At an upcoming festival, they used a photonic dampening field to break the disguises. A few of the T'laets were killed in a fight, and a few more managed to escape and were never found. Most of Yenrab's crew, however, including Yenrab himself, was taken into custody.

Yenrab was expecting a short stay in prison pending execution, for that was how the legal system on his homeworld of T'laet Prime worked. But much to his surprise, they didn't execute him or his crew. In fact is captors were rather hospitable, comparatively speaking. This impressed him, and he slowly began to warm up to the Romulans. It wasn't too long before a good portion of his remaining crew was released, though they remained on probation. Yenrab found himself preferring the peaceful way of life that the inhabitants of Virinat partook in, and decided not to return to T'leat Prime.

Unfortunately, this peaceful way of life would be short-lived, as in January 2409, Virinat was invaded. Most of his remaining crew was killed, and Yenrab was forced to return to his militaristic origins to fight the tyranny of the Tal Shiar.