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05-15-2013, 08:38 AM
Finally got through all the new and upgraded KDF stuff, which is looking much cooler now. Here are some things that I've noticed over the last couple weeks that I think could be improved. Some of them are repeats that I'm just moving into the Official KDF content thread, and others may have already been fixed in the last patch, but I've done my best to make sure that these are current items.

Space Chase:
  • The Vulcan captain's VO sounds too emotional; needs either a new VO or just change the captain to a non-Vulcan.
  • Taking down a Typhoon battleship was way to easy; sure, it is Lt. level combat, but still. Seems more sensible to make the Typhoon normal strength and add KDF reinforcements, or make it a different ship entirely (like a Nova-class or something a B'Rel would convincingly be able to take down single-handedly).

Friend or Foe:
  • Talking to Worf with "Sir, do you have a moment?" sounds too 'polite Human' for the Klingons, and probably the other KDF races as well. I'm not sure what would work in its place, but it seems weird to me.
  • Given how the events in this mission flow into the next arc, I wonder if the mission giver intro for Bringing Down the House needs to be altered slightly. Having K'mtar say that we have to talk to Sirella, and then J'mpok calling us to say that Sirella actually asked for a meeting with us seems a bit strange. Possible solution: maybe if K'mtar says that we can't just go talk to Sirella ourselves because it would alert the evil powers that be on the High Council that we were up to something; therefore K'mtar arranges to send a covert message to Sirella to formally request our assistance through the High Council for some urgent matter, giving us a cover story as to why we're going to Sirella's house in the first place.

Bringing Down the House:
  • The dialogue where you talk to M'vek for the first time could stand to be expanded a bit. When talking to M'vek for the first time, it consists of a single dialogue box of him responding to the assassination plot that we never mentioned to him and choosing to fight; this could be changed to involve either the player or K'mtar fully explaining the extent of the plot to M'vek before he makes his decision.
  • "jin'tak" is spelled wrong in the Mission Reward text: It should be "gin'tak", as it is spelled elsewhere.

The House Always Wins:
  • The House of Martok reinforcement vessels are very unreliable. The ones that show up around Communication Satellite 2 are dispatched much too quickly compared to the ones around Satellite 1, and Satellite 3 has no reinforcements at all, leaving the player's poor Lt.-level B'Rel (w/o Battle Cloak) to be mowed down by the forces there with nothing but Evasive Maneuvers and an underpowered Engineering Team I as a defense. I'm pretty sure this has been this way since the last time I played this mission on Holodeck. Beefing up the Martok groups in those spots seems like a good way to remedy this.

A House Pursued:
  • The 'Destroy Scavenger Drones' objective may be difficult to complete because they don't show up on the minimap or on the main screen with a reticle (since they're strike craft, and as far as I know default Player options don't display reticles for strike craft unless they are targeted first). Perhaps these should be switched out with frigates or something that is easier to find.
  • It is not easily apparent to the player that their ship is receiving radiation damage from proximity to the Borg Sphere wreckage (no indicator like there is for 'Nebula Interference').