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05-15-2013, 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by satanailofhwbg View Post
The day before yesterday I was in CSE with a "I know everything!" person in the team.

After a minute I figured that I was in a low DPS team. "OK, we can make it" was what I thought.
After a while I see in the chat the following "Guys, you know we need to finish within the 15 minutes to get the bonus, right?" I was like "Say what again!?". I cleared the middle cube and the as^2ole started shooting at the cube. I PM-ed him not to kill the cube. "I've done this a hundred times, this is how it's done" was the answer. "It's more like your fifth elite I guess", I answered. Eventually, he killed the cube, and I stopped playing for a minute, just to see how they can cope with the mess....I felt pity for the rest of the team so I got back in, but I decided not to use any buffs and put the scorpions on "recall" - that puts me in the "average PuG-er" DPS level (4k at best), just to demonstrate the difference. After 3 waves of Neghs I got tired and decided to end it.....and the result is another player in the "ignore" list.
Wow, poor sportsmanship dude. You punished the entire team for the mistake of one person, by not helping out. I really hope they finished it without you (it's possible) and got their rewards.

Blowing a cube is a valid tactic by the way. It is one of the objective anyway lol.

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