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05-15-2013, 11:07 AM
23 unique to Federation Boff Traits, 1 Unique to KDF Boff trait

22 Unique to Federation costume packs, 1 Unique to KDF Costume pack

KDF has very little that makes them unique. Im all for proliferating everything each way, I am just a lil tired of FEDs getting everything KDF and FED while KDF gets no love.

Lets not even talk consoles, which KDF used to have all the best (a fair trade for getting nothing else) which costed 10-25$ each to access at approprate levels. When the feds got the good KDF consoles, they cost about 2m (less than 2$ each based on the key market) in the exchange and can be used at level 1. (which the feds had like 1 worthwhile console that would be shipped to KDF markets)

Which Im fine you guys can now smoke us in PVP with Leadership boffs, using our consoles against us, while actually looking good while doing it, I just think that it would be nice if maybe the KDF got SOMETHING similar to the Feds. Hows about the KDF get Leadership along with oh, 20 other unique to fed traits, and maybe 20 or so outfits? I think at that point, Id be fine with the Federation thief squad getting even more of the very little that seperates KDF from Fed. Oh and the reason I play KDF is because I really cant stand the Starfleet spam, and the Starfleet 1-20 crappy missions. So I actually enjoy redside more than blueside.