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05-15-2013, 11:07 AM
Some notes from my latest run through on my Rom character.

Gasko Blues:
  • In the cutscene on the Engineering Deck, Hiven is wielding a Starfleet-issue phaser rifle, instead of a Romulan plasma rifle.

Turning Point:
  • After the cutscene with Sela, the player and Tovan Khev spawn in the exact same spot.
  • I personally think that the VO for Ja'rod sounds more like a Ferengi (or maybe some kind of nefarious talking pet owned by a villain in an animated cartoon), than a proud Klingon warrior.
  • In the Hall of Heroes, after all the mission objectives are complete, the "Observe Ss'tass" interactable reapears on the map. It doesn't do anything, but it is there.