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I too have this issue, I have redone the "Safe Paths" mission a few times, and the same result happens every time, I dont know if i am missing something here. After I go to the 5 shuttles there is a Borg sphere. The shuttles don't move just sit there in space. Destroyed the Borg (5) in total and return to the shuttles. They just hover in space and don't move at all.

I have gone around the planet and looked if there is any other thing I am supposed to do but can't seem to find anything. Do i need to start this whole mission over, I mean from beaming down to the planet etc...? Sheesh i have redone this particular mission so many times it's infuriating.

Any ideas anyone.
finally after doing this over and over a few times i decided to do the whole mission over. I must have missed something or, you can not redo just the "safe Paths" mission, which ever it is i am pleased that it did work out. Okay.. Destroyed the Undine and Borg ship's then beamed to the planet to rescue the colonists and retrieve the data, once done beamed back to the ship and went to place the charges in the orbiting platforms. Here i got my ship very close to each platform and beamed the charges down to all three, after this the msg about the shuttles came through. I flew towards the beacon and as soon as I heard the beacon I could see the shuttles start to move. I followed them and then encountered the Borg Sphere, destroyed that and the shuttles moved again, destroyed the remaining Borg and the shuttles went to warp. I think what I may have done wrong is this... previously i noticed the enemy on screen, I flew towards the shuttles and the mission recognized that I had completed the first step, but i then went for the Borg and destroyed them, and then... returned back to the shuttles. If you have issues with this mission re-try and but dont engage the Borg until you have met up with the shuttles and they DO start to move.