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05-15-2013, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by reximuz View Post
A Venture Nebula refit where that keeps the detection grid console, and makes the ship itself a single bay carrier.

With a Battle Cloaking faction, and a lack of Fed ships that can act as carriers, this might make it popular enough to sell a worthwhile amount.

I'd much rather they release a Magellan Class using the Venture saucer art and make the magellan a TRUE 'advanced research' ship... not the garbage failhybrid the nebula currently is.


4 fore
2 aft

(with 1 tac console its not a big deal..but it does make a difference for a sci-ability, forward arc sci ability emitting ship).

Boff Slots:

Cmdr Science
Lt Cmdr Science
Lt Cmdr Science
Lt Engineer
Lt Tactical.

4 engineering
5 science
1 tactical

Devices: 4

Shields: 1.35
Hull: 32000
Crew: 800

Sensor Analysis
Subsystem Targeting

Instead of a console the Magellan has a built in passive third ability: Scientific Method

This ability enables the Magellan, upon reaching 'full' sensor analysis on a target, to ignore all resists on target. This means shields have zero resists, hull has zero resists, power insulators don't counteract the magellan's flow cap based abilities, inertial dampeners do not counteract magellan's decompiler/graviton stat based abilities. Again: This only allows the magellan to benefit from this and no one else.