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1- Borg Supertorpedo

It is a bug. You guys acknowledged it long ago and actually fixed it for about half a season. Then, for some reason, you broke it and the they returned.

Remember when the borg cubes where tilting left & right? Yeah, the patch that 'fixed' that also brought the supertorpedoes back.

These supertorpedoes are regular plasma torpedoes (not heavy plasma torps not torps fired under any AI buff power-up) that do anywhere between 80 to 600k damage at random.

Normally a regular borg plasma torp will hit you for 5 to 10k depending on your defense rating. But these bugged torpedoes can and do hit you for absolutely insane, 1-shot death damage even if you're under evasive maneuvers, atk omega 3 and have def stat boosting consoles/devices activated.

When will this be fixed? You already know where the glitched code is, how about giving it another look?

2- Shield Emitter & Shield System somehow modify damage taken to the hull.

I discovered this odd glitch after re-specing my KDF science to fly a B'rel.

Essentially my captain has all hull, def stat and armor stat skill boxes maxed out. I left the shield emitter and shield systems at 0 because the B'rel literally hardly uses shields... as my tac captain flying a torpedo brel for a very long time can attest, that ship takes hits only in the brief time it decloaks and re-cloaks and always takes the hits to the hull. here is the odd thing: The shield emitter or shield systems box is apparently also strengthening either the hull or the defense rating of the ship in some way.


Simple. The sci b'rel decloaks and gets hit by a single torpedo. It takes nearly 20 thousand damage. Mind you, this is under atk omega 1, tac team 1 and ambush effects.

My tactical capt. b'rel decloaks, takes same torpedo to the hull and at best is hit for 8k (unless its a supertorp in which case it just vaporizes the ship with a 200k+ hit).

My engineering capt also in a brel to test this (unlike my tac, this engineer has max shield emitter and shield system skill) and his ship takes barely 3k damage average when the torp hits the hull.

Do not these tests were done with the b'rels not even having shields equipped. This was done to remove them out of the equation.

All these characters have the same hull/armor/def. skill boxes.

So why is the character with 0 shield emitter, 0 shield system skill taking more than 5 times the damage to the hull than the one with 9 pnts in those 2?