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Selana sat down in her quarters, waiting. Slowly, delicately, she reached out with her gradually developing telepathy, seeing the minds of her crew, set against the silence of her room like the stars of the night sky. She quietly withdrew back into her own mind, letting herself rest for the lesson she was about to have with Veril to practice. As if on cue, she heard the door chime faintly.

"It's open, she called," and Veril stepped into the room.

"Hey there, Selana," The Remen woman said, walking over to her. "Are you ready?"

"Yes," She replied, standing up and looking into Veril's eyes. "Usual beginning?"

"Sure. Reach out with your mind," and Selana did, once more seeing the minds of her crew set against the night sky. "Find one person. What do you feel?"

"Strength. Determination. A lifelong soldier."

"That would be Tovan. What else?"

"Information. Theory. Scattered points all somehow culminating into a single cohesive thought."

"Satra. Find another. What do you feel?"

"Anger. Pain. Loss. Hiven?"

"Yes. Very good. Anthying else?"

She reached in a little closer, and felt something completely new to her, but only briefly before it withdrew. "Warmth. Almost like a campfire. Warm, peaceful, and inviting."

She opened her eyes and saw Veril looking slightly dazed. "A lover, possibly? I'm...not sure who that might be."

Selana stared for a brief moment. "Do you mind if I take a brief break in the next room?"

"Sure. I could use one as well.

"Thank you Veril."

Selana walked through the door to her bedroom and sat down on the bed, unable to believe what she had just felt. She knew whose mind she had touched last. The lover that Veril had mentioned was herself. To her surprise however, she didn't feel at all repulsed, or even disturbed by the idea that she might have fallen in love with a Remen women. Rather, she found herself feeling the same way. Slowly, she came to realize that she had slowly been developing feelings for Veril since they had met that day on Crateris. She had helped Veril with dealing with the loss of her father, and Veril had begun helping her develop her telepathy, which she had mostly kept a secret from everyone else. Slowly, she stood, unsure of what to tell Veril.

Before she could think of anything, however, the Remen stepped through the doorway. "Selana, I need to tell you something," she said, her voice shaking a little.

"Go ahead Veril," she replied, smiling reassuringly.

The Remen woman walked across the room towards her. "I'm...I'm not sure how exactly to say this, so I guess I just start from the beginning," She said, her voice almost a whisper. "You've been there for me for months now. Ever since my father...Well, I guess what I'm trying to say is you've been much more than my commander, more than a friend even. That warmth you said you felt before you took this break? That was me. I love you Selana." Suddenly, she looked away, saying, "You know what, forget I said anything. This was probably a mistake and-"

"Veril, it's all right," Selana replied, smiling a little.

"Please, just...Forget this."

"Veril," She said again, reaching up to her, gently turning Veril's head and looking into her eyes, "it's all right."

Suddenly, she found herself in Veril's arms, being kissed passionately. She didn't resist. Instead, she reached out with her mind to join with Veril's, and allowed Veril's to join hers. Finally, after months of running from the Tal Shiar after the fall of Virinat, she felt at home.


"So, what happens now?" Selana asked, lying in her bed next to Veril. "Are we...What does this mean?"

Veril turned her head a little, reaching out from under the blanket to gently stroke Selana's face. "I love you Sel. I think that's all that matters at this point."

She kissed Veril lightly. "I love you too, Veril." She sat up, and slid an undershirt on over her body. "You realize this would be quite a scandal in the old Empire."

Veril laughed a little. "And yet, here you are."

"You're really not afraid of what might happen to either of us, are you?"

Veril just lay there, smiling at her.

She leaned down and kissed her. "Well, if you're not afraid, then neither am I."
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