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I understand there is already a thread about Romulan fleets ans Romulan Fleetbases, but like many recently that thread has degraded past the point of any serious discussion.

For those of you that haven't played any of the LOR content, this may contain a spoiler or two about a specific location in the new content.

I ask that everyone keeps this thread on topic, civil, and constructive, as it is my hope that the devs will also join in on this thread.

I originally like most probably have, thought that the reason for not adding Romulan fleetbases was out of not wanting to devote development time on creating the exterior and interior assets for it. After playing the mission in the Chulan system I'm even more perplexed as to why Romulan Fleets were not added.

The Chulan Station exterior is already perfect to use as an exterior for a Romulan Fleetbase, and the interior map would simply require the additions of vendors, npc contact, etc. considering the interior mpa is already perfectly laid out.

Why there have been many that have said they wouldn't want to start a fleetbase over again from scratch, there have also been many stating they would be willing to. There has also been discussion about adding the system for fleets to form an alliance with one another, which would allow smaller fleets or in this cause a newly started Romulan fleetbase access to higher tier shipyards for example.

So with all of these assets already existing in game, there being (in my opinion) enough interest in Romulan fleetbases, and the possible addition of Fleet Alliances, what is the real reason for not adding Romulan Fleetbases.

Romulan only fleets would still have to pick an alliance with either Fed or KDF, that's unavoidable, but also very easy to integrate into the fleet system.

What if fleets were willing to pay EC to unlock a basic Romulan Fleetbase, or even somehow Dilithium, would that make a difference from a dev standpoint?