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Fed Tac:
U.S.S. Lexington NCC-91709-A - Regent Class (Because I always liked the name Lexington... and also slightly because that was the carrier you flew off of for a bit in Wing Commander IV)
U.S.S. Chupathingy - Delta Flyer (Red vs Blue)
Fed Engie:
U.S.S. Caliburn - Prometheus Class (Name of Sonic's sword from Sonic and the Black Knight)
Fed Science:
U.S.S. Avalon - Luna Class (Sounded good)
U.S.S. Colorado - Wells Class (Named after the sub from Last Resort)
U.S.S. Tornado - Yellowstone Class Runabout (Named after Tails' plane from the Sonic series)
KDF Tac:
I.K.S. Thrak'hath - Kamarag Class (Named after the Kilrathi Crown Prince from Wing Commander)
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