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05-15-2013, 05:11 PM
Space missions are different then ground missions. In Elite ground missions if your gear is crappy you can get killed in 1 or 2 hits making missions become so much harder on the entire team. Imagine multiple people with such crappy gear that they all get 1 shot so much. I have been in games with people who get 1 shot killed many times in games and I hate it as did the rest of the team.

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I could agree with maybe a very simple accolade to unlock elites, no gear score. It should only require completion of the 3 original STFs once each in space on normal to unlock elite space, and same for ground. That way it won't be too much of a hassle for gearing alts, but still makes new players at least try each one on normal first.
So many times I have seen someone enter a Elite ground mission with them saying I have never done this mission before. I would really like to see something like this.

IMO in order to unlock a Elite mission you need to complete its normal version at least 1 time on your character.

Once unlocked you can only enter a elite mission if your character is in good health (no injuries). So many times I see people entering ground missions with multiple injuries. I have even seen someone with over 40 total injuries in Elite ground missions and that person was totally worthless being 1 shot killed all the time and if he ever did any damage to a enemy it was so low. That person I am talking about I have seen do it multiple times and it drives me crazy. Other people who was in the team and saw that person with so many injuries in a elite mission well some of them said some things I cant say here and some others have said I am leaving because I wont play a part in carrying this jerk who wont heal those injuries.

Their are already some rules for entering missions adding a couple more I would not be opposed to (so long as they are not totally unreasonable) and would welcome as I know their are other people who have agreed with me. Such changes should only apply to public matches. Allow people to goof off doing whatever they want in private matches.