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05-15-2013, 06:31 PM
I was thinking about another possible "reward" to be added to this system. A reward bonus based on galactic influence. In a nutshell.. A sliding average based on number of wins over a given amount of time. That time slot could be updated at the end of every battle or once every 6 or even 12 hours. For that duration of time all missions and content yield greater bonuses for the side which has won the most battles. It could be handled a number of ways. From a sliding scale awarding a bonus to both sides based on a percentage boost to normal reward values, or a flat bonus to the side with the most victories. It should effect xp, skill points, money and dilithium at the very least. It would be a reason to do this as often as possible especially with the onslaught of new alts people will be creating in the coming expansion pack.