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05-15-2013, 06:18 PM
Jesu LaRoca makes everybody die using the USS Tiburon NCC-(1)68636: "Tiburon" means "shark" en Espanol.

General Ssharki demands your respect in the IKS Norgh'a'Qun: a norgh is an acquatic predator much like a shark. The 'a'-suffix indicates greatness in the attached noun. "Qun" is the Klingon word for god. So "Norgh'a'Qun" translates literally as "great shark god" or loosely as "God of sharks."

All the other ships belonging to my two mains are variations on the theme. (USS Mako, USS Hammerhead, IKS Norgh'Iw (blood shark), IKS Nuj'taj (dagger mouth) etc.) I like sharks.

For my Romulan I'm doing something a little different. My other great passion is military hardware, so between the Romulan fascination with Raptors and the USAF's tendency to name their aircraft after various birds of prey, I'll be naming Don'el Sander's ships after various American flying war machines.

First up will be RRW Silent Eagle, followed by RRW Nighthawk and RRW Black Osprey

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