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The launch of Legacy of Romulus is fast approaching (May 21). Along with new UI, a new faction, and a (more) fleshed out KDF, the launch of the expansion also brings some things that players should be prepared for. Despite the testing on Tribble, nothing on Tribble can replicate the load Holodeck sees. So I offer these tips to make the process to Legacy of Romulus a less painful one.

Sign up for Tribble (Here)
This actually serves two purposes:
One, the more testers, the more data. This allows the devs to find bugs and squash them.
Two, this allows you to get the needed files to make Legacy of Romulus happen. Rather than downloading all of the files, the launcher will actually mirror those already on your computer. This makes the download time almost non-existent as the files are already on your computer. This saves a lot of time. Just be sure to log in and patch it before May 21. Even if you do not have access to the Legacy of Romulus beta, the files are still there.

Once pre-patching is turned on, log all the way into STO and then log off. This will start the pre-patch process. What this does is download all of the files needed for Legacy of Romulus allowing the game to patch once it goes live without having to download many files on May 21. This isn't perfect as many files will not be completely up to date as compared to tribble. But this is still a huge time saver as the game does the download when, obviously, you are no longer wanting to play.

Otherwise, Be Patient
You and everybody else is trying to get on the game at the same time. If you haven't done the previous two items, your download time on May 21 will take a while. In terms of files needed, this is almost a brand new game being installed. Even with Tribble not being slammed it still took me about an hour to patch it the other night on a ~20Mbps download. Get your files before May 21 or you may still be downloading May 22.

Go Gold
A huge perk of being a Gold Subscriber is the ability to have our own queue. We get to go to the front of the line when the queue is activated. And with all the incoming new content, there will almost certainly be a queue. While Cryptic has added to their server capacity since launch, we had queues not that long ago. Expect them for this. (Also, being a Gold Member while leveling a new character has some great benefits -- check out the F2P matrix here.)

Prepare for Downtime
Right now, the game is on a weekly update schedule. That will return at some point after the expansion launches, but be prepared for almost daily updates for the first couple weeks. As mentioned, nothing beats just throwing the game on Holodeck. Some bugs can only be found when the system is being played live. While Cryptic is good about giving us a few hours warning, some bugs may need no notice.

I have been through every Season upgrade. I know how the process will work and these tips have made life easier for many of us. And while the game may seem unstable the first couple days and the patching feels excessive, everything will be back to normal before you even realize it.
Prepared to wait.

May 21 will bring a new adventure for all of us. The idea that STO would still be around in 2013 was far-fetched for some people, much less that it would be adding a third faction. These are exciting times, just keep your expectations in check concerning the update schedule and you will be fine.

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