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05-15-2013, 08:16 PM
im one of those people that have a few alts, and will drop an alt out of my fleet to help some new players form their fleet. I done this last night, dropped an alt, tried to help a person form their fleet, once we done that, i dropped from his, and tried to get back in to my own fleet, but, same thing as everyone else, get invite, hit accept, nothing happens, or, send invite, get error.
The other person i tried to help, told me it didnt work, someone else was made leader of the fleet and himself, well, he was still fleetless.
I submitted tickets, but, typical of cryptic, they never reply. As we can see, 2 weeks on since this topic was first posted and the problem persists. Wtf? And they want to release LOR next week? I say, fix the friggin bugs first, then worry about the expansion. Cause i aint spendin a dime on this game again until all these friggin bugs are fixed!