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05-15-2013, 08:37 PM
The Imperial Romulan Fleet was shocked to hear we were not getting our own starbases, but at the same time somewhat relieved as to not start everything over again after spending so much time working to get where we are now with a limited number of members until recently.

And while I can understand that a great many still wish to have a romulan fleet soley for new romulan themed bases, it also made since from the developers standpoint and there is the possibility down the road for fleets to maybe have projects to determine what the base looks like from the outside at least? Who knows..

This game has done an amazing amount of work with so few developers in just 3 years, the possibilities in the next 3 years are near limitless I would wager.

For those looking for an established fleet, check out our recruitment thread in the starbase one and new romulus sections of the forums.

Jolan Tru