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05-15-2013, 09:16 PM
Alright I'm going to flip this conversation around for a minute. We've all been discussing the situation of not having fleetbases from an existing current player standpoint, but what about returning players and new players?

MMOs are known for a lot of things, but probably one of the biggest things is how the content is delivered. Now I mean this with no disrespect towards Cryptic, but once the newness of a season is over, the game gets boring as hell until more content is released. This isn't uncommon and why most people play 2 or 3 games at a time.

So you have people that are going to see this and come back to STO that might not have when fleetbases were originally released, and you're also going to have new players come to the game with LOR.

We all know there are die-hard Klingon fans, and die-hard Fed fans, and just from the forums we already know there will be die-hard Rom fans. Personally if I'm playing a Fed I want all fed ships and gear, same with playing a Romulan. Now again this is from an existing current player standpoint so how much disappointment is there going to be from returning and new players that Roms don't have their own fleetbases when Feds and KDF do. How many of those people are going to decide not to spend money until it's added, or decide not to at all after see this?

So from existing players that want Rom fleetbases, to returning and new players viewpoint, where's the benefit in NOT adding Rom fleetbases as an option?