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05-15-2013, 09:29 PM
Originally Posted by voicesdark View Post
We all know there are die-hard Klingon fans, and die-hard Fed fans, and just from the forums we already know there will be die-hard Rom fans. Personally if I'm playing a Fed I want all fed ships and gear, same with playing a Romulan. Now again this is from an existing current player standpoint so how much disappointment is there going to be from returning and new players that Roms don't have their own fleetbases when Feds and KDF do. How many of those people are going to decide not to spend money until it's added, or decide not to at all after see this?

So from existing players that want Rom fleetbases, to returning and new players viewpoint, where's the benefit in NOT adding Rom fleetbases as an option?
The benefit is that players don't have to grind another 6 months worth of resources to generate another Fleet Base with a Tier 5 shipyard... And if this was a non-mandatory option for Romulan Fleets, how many would be willing to do the grind, vs. becoming allied with an existing Tier 5 Shipyard Fleet...

Small Fleets have been complaining for months that they don't have the will or the means to invest for a Tier 5 Shipyard, Fabricator, and other details to populate a Fleet base with Tier 5 vendors. How would introducing another major resource sink help this situation?

Crypte/PWE will also suffer expected income loss doing this, as without the means of producing Tier 5 Fleet ships, there will be much more limited demand for the C-Store ships that provide consoles for these Fleet Ships...

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