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05-15-2013, 09:37 PM
I the end I switched to full trottle and finished a wing of Neghs, two or three probes and a cube for a minute. Low DPS means low DPS - like shooting at BoPs until they reach the Kang - do I need to explain more? And a total lack of CC skills. Do you mind telling me how you can successfully complete CSE without a 10k DPS ship in this very situation (namely MRL)? I rarely fail SFTs because the player base made me carry STFs. Everything I do complain now is just the annoying stuff that make me work harder for their loot. Or maybe doing 50% of the team's DPS isn't carrying?
Anyway, yesterday I clocked an ISE -NOT using any offensive buffs besides Sensor scan - i did not use fighters either. The results were better than I expected, which left me baffled as to how can soo many captains do low DPS!?

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