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05-15-2013, 10:23 PM
Originally Posted by crimsonmagnus View Post
Hi all! I have a question regarding paying for the Legacy Pack through PayPal. I just paid for mine today, and it says it's currently in the review process; I suspect, in spite of it saying it will be done "shortly," that it will take at least two to three business days. What concerns me is if it takes any longer than that. If the review process has not been completed by next Tuesday, does that mean my account is not flagged and I therefore do not receive the Legacy Pack? Please respond as soon as possible, as this is causing me a lot of worry and I'd like to know as soon as possible if I need to find an alternative payment solution. Thank you!
I just broke down and purchased it a few hours ago. Within 15 minutes I received the e-mail saying my purchase was completed. I'm not sure if your location matters or anything like that, but I used paypal without using a paypal member account and I had no problems with it going through. Personally I try to avoid paypal whenever possible because I had issues with it in the past. Wish Cryptic had some more options for people, including using zen.