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05-16-2013, 12:07 AM
Originally Posted by dracounguis View Post
Neb is a cool ship, just got crappy stats and crappy (aka limited usefulness) unique console. Make the Sensor Pod a pair of hangers and it'd get alot more play.
It has great stats. Its problem is with the deficient and obsolete bridge officer stations.

1 Cmdr Sci
1 Lt Cmdr Eng
1 Lt Tac
1 Lt Universal
1 Ensign sci

This combination was supposed to make it a hybrid sci-cruiser but it failed utterly because the universal lt and ensign sci are basically triple redundant.

If you put a tac in the universal you get no real increase in damage. If you put a science in there its abilities are largely inconsequential. Put an engineer in there and it is mildly useful albeit eng timers interfere (emg pwr abilities).

The venture-ized nebula setup makes a lot more sense.

Heck, the old nebula would make sense if they just merged the ensign sci and lt universal into a lt cmdr science and made the Lt. tactical into a Lt Universal station.

Cmdr Science
Lt Cmdr Science
Lt Cmdr Engineer
Lt Universal

VOILA. You get a perfectly fixed T5 Nebula that can by hybrid cruiser-sci, fulfills its name of advanced research ship and its canon role as a multi-function, adaptable ship as the Lt Universal can be set as Tac for weaponry, ENG for extra tankyness or Sci for uber science abilities.