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05-16-2013, 01:16 AM
If (IF) Cryptic ever gives us re-species token, I will turn my Alien into a Caitian so I can actually use him. If ever that happens, I plan to buy the Vesta Set for him.

As for my Caitian Engineer, I am in a bit of a dilemma. I need a ship that can equip cannons. What I really want is the Jemmy HEC, but I don't have anywhere near 60 million EC, and I doubt anyone here just so happens to have a spare one I can work a deal for obtaining. So the real question, how well does the Vesta work for Engineers? If it performs well enough, I may buy the pack sooner rather than later.

TL;DR version? Does anyone have a spare Jemmy HEC I can barter for? If not, than is the Vesta Set good for Engineers? Opinions? Thoughts?

Also, I had a good conversation with Aero about the capabilities of the Vesta as a Science ship, and he says the consoles all depend on Auxiliary power. So with that in mind, I could load the Auxiliary Cannons in fore, and Elite Fleet Turrets in aft. Are the benefits good enough to justify forcing a Phaser build?

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