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05-16-2013, 01:03 AM
Hi Dustreth.

For more tanking I would suggest to ditch RSP2 and get EptS3. Because you run no TSS, you need to increase resistance. Then replace EptS1 for ET1. This one you can use on demand.

Then if you really want/need 2 tac teams, 1 conn doff is not enough. Personally, I would never use 2 doffs for 1 ensign ability. So ditch HY1 and get another tac team. You say, It will share cooldown with engineering team, but you will see you need ET to clear virusses and you can use additional hull heals. Then, for even more tanking you can equip a second SDO doff.

I would also ditch your transwarp computer. Its useless, and even more useless with AtoB builds since you will have 3/4 systems above 75 power. Replace it with a RCS or the tachyokinetic converter (lobi) for increased turnrate, especially with coming turnrate changes. If you dont care about turnrate (you use FAW with arrays) you can equip 2 neutronium alloys to have more hull resist.
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