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05-16-2013, 04:50 AM
Originally Posted by rvlion79 View Post
What do you consider epic gear? Full Borg Rep gear? If yes then I guess the amount of Marks gained from normal STF's should be upped to what eSTF's gain now and the eSTF's should be made even higher still, but then again... Why play eSTF's when you already have all the gear you need?
ELITE STF is the best dill income in game ,and epic gear is everything purple quality mkXI or better , idk what is so hard few hours play time can bring u 2-3m ec and for that u can easy buy mkXI gear consoles can be blue but ppl just making alts lvl up them in mirror universe event and then they buy them white mk10 gear and farm elite stf for dill so if we had gear score that ppl could not queue at least and slow down or ruin stfs to other players