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Ship: (fleet) long range science vessel.

This is a cheap but very effective build for a sci captain to use on one of the most iconic ships. Aim is to set up a kill by max disables and slows.

Front: 3x chroniton torpedo
back: beam array, chroniton torpedo and mine

Deflector: adapted maco (KHG)
Engine: adapted maco (KHG)
Shield: maco

Eng consoles: 2x neutronium, borg
Sci consoles: 4x grav
Tac consoles: PSW torp, alblative (or other special consoles like graviton)

Cmdr sci: TSS1, ES2, VM1, GW3
Ltcmdr sci: HE1, ES2, ST3
Ens sci: PH1

LT eng: EptS1, EptS2
LT tac: TS1, DPA1

power settings: 25/50/25/100

Doffs: 2x lab scientists for 2 copies of ST3, 3x warp theorists (energy syphon version)

Spec max in in flowC, grav, subD, partG

Your own dps is not that important, but you gain severe disable posibilities and slows because of the highly boosted gravity well and chrono spreads. The adapted maco set ensures even more aux power, and more importantly, it has subspace decompiler. This results in longer disable times for the special beam atacks and VM.

The 2 copies of energy syphon ensures a 3 x 25% chance on a fixed 5 seconds disable of any subsystem. Unfortunately, this is not prolonged with subspace decompiler. However, SubD combined with the high aux power result in a 25 seconds (out of every 30 seconds) power drain, which is also a kind of defensive boost.

More expensive versions can include the Wells timeship, Vesta, lobi temporal set: chroniton dual beam bank, tachyokinetic convertor and temporal torpedo.
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