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05-16-2013, 06:28 AM
For the KDF side, I'm not a real big fan of that faction.
Recently, I've discovered that the singular approach (no matter what species you create, you are playing a Klingon) and the gamebreaker bugs are never fixed, no matter how much you ask, beg, plead and cry to Cryptic.
This is why I've made a personal decision to never again create another KDF character.

Also, I sent my one and only KDF to a good friend's fleet to try and help him out.
And judging from their Starbase advancement progress, they're in much the same the boat as we are, a small fleet trying to stay afloat in the big fleet swimming pool.

I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your son, that's a pretty harsh treatment!

I've played with younger players in the past and it's been my observation that I prefer being with them then the allegedly mature players, because they're just here for the fun of it, they don't want to fight, argue or have power struggles.

That's also a concern of mine here, unless you've had interaction with a larger fleet (or a smaller one for that matter) for a long time, you have no idea if they're good people or not.