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Originally Posted by scurry5 View Post
Hmm, while yes, I should have included the lost profit of future sales in the marginal cost, I think that what Cryptic is assuming is that the economic cost (I forgot this fundamental) due to lost sales is outweighed by the revenue gained by increased Legacy pack sales. In other words, people who would have bought some ships and stopped there, but now wish to spend a bit more to get the entire package. Therefore, it would make economic sense to top up the package, so that some people who may not have been interested in the new ship, but had been considering buying the entire package, would be tipped over into purchasing.

Ah, I'm thinking about it this way: since they add something to the pack, MC increases. However, perceived marginal benefit, and thus demand, increases, given that there is more in the pack (assume the pack is a single good). So, Cryptic assumes that increase in quantity demanded outweighs reduced profit-per-unit, I guess. Given this assumption, topping up would make economic sense, assuming profit maximisation.

Besides, if we're using pure economic theory, there is no 'satisfactory' level of profit anyway. It's all about getting the maximum.
A good argument on this topic would be good to help me out in my studying for my economics degree, so fire away!

Your assumptions are correct, indeed Cryptic weighs the costs of future lost profits against the odds to sell more packs (if packs offer more value for money), which I would agree to your conclusion, that the chances to sell more packs with higher content level outpaces the "future sunk profit". My original statement was, that I assumed, that Cryptic sales numbers were lower than they expected, and thats why they topped the legacy pack. As some ignorant guys doubted that, it was necessary to back up this assumption (which to someone with half brain only would appear logic in itself initially, but never mind).

Actually my whole OP was moved into the wrong forum anyway, as my main statement was, no matter how much they will put into a legacy pack, I am not going to buy it any more, cause I dont like the dev`s attitude towards community complains (which in my opinion is mainly "ignoring"). Luckily many new players get into the game and purchase all the stuff now, so the future of this game is secured.

For the noob, claiming that 500Zen monthly income from LTS is the only income, you forget that per toon you can convert around 240.000 dili per month (converted on a varying exchange rate, lets say 150) would be 1600 ZEN per month per toon. So if you have 5 toons, you get 8000 Zen per month anyway, so the 500 dont really kick in. Don't tell me, that you dont know how to farm 8000 dili ore in 15 min per day....
I dont care trollers opinion, but I defend my position against "ohh Cryptic is so fantastic" guys, simple as that.
It`s ok, no need to answer again, you pay, I dont any more.

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