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05-16-2013, 07:54 AM
To the OP. I joined a small fleet before starbases and earned leadership rank about a year later through suggesting a more fair and balanced approach to ranks and bank permissions. Months ago we got the T3 upgrade for shipyard then for the starbase. This was a bit of a wake up call, it took us best part of 3 weeks to claw together everything we needed and we were grinding marks, doffs, dilithium across over 20 characters daily. I totaled up how much it would be to hit T4, T5 and to finish off the embassy and we realised it just wasn't worth it.

We weren't having fun feeding the monster of a starbase and we would have to do more to get the embassy going. We had 2 choices, recruit more members and hope they actually want to contribute more than fleet marks or join a larger fleet and help them get to T5 with other like minded players. We chose the latter and I'm glad we did.

There will be more holdings added now that most fleets have finished their embassies (confirmed by the devs that a new one is coming) and this will only ramp up costs. My suggestion is the same as others, either have alts in another larger fleet to get access to the higher tier gear, pack it in or recruit more.

Oh and incase you're wondering all active and semi active members followed us to the new fleet and we gifted our old starbase to some friends who had been booted from another very bad fleet after they had contributed millions to projects. It's not an easy decision to make but if you only have a few of you doing the grind you have to ask yourself is it worth it?

A lot of large fleets are not the inhuman blobs of players you think and have a lot to offer in areas of the game you might not be familiar with. You will also find that a good large fleet will look after it's members and get rid of rotten apples very quickly (you know the ones that swear and are quite abusive) as they have a reputation to maintain...though some large fleets have a bad rep in general.