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05-16-2013, 08:32 AM
Originally Posted by bortjinx View Post
One of the main reasons people don't like the quad cannons is that it limits you to using phasers on your ship. Any other weapon type firing at the same time will cause your weapons power to drop. It's not a problem with the quad cannons, but go and take a look at any other energy type cannon out there and they all read something along the lines of '-10 Weapons Power when used with other weapons' or something like that.
WOW, the amount of misinformation in only 3 sentences here is incredible. quad phasers not only drain 10 weapon power as all DHC do, they need additional 10 engine power too.
on top of that they have the worst modifiers for DHC

the only thing they are good for is to level a toon...once you hit max level get rid of them, quickly!
a dmg mod adds 6 dps tp dhc normaly. 1 mark adds about 8 dps that makes quad cannons allways 3 marks above a common DHC. in other words quad cannons are MK XIV common DHC with an extra drain on engine power and a nice effect.
as a comparison advanced fleet DHC are uncommon MK XIV
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