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# 479 happened to me also
05-16-2013, 09:35 AM
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Apparently you can be silenced by anyone (or several people working cooperatively) in STO. I was sitting at the exchange minding my own business when I went to respond to a private PM. My PM didn't go through and I thought the person who PM'd me logged off. When I checked my friends list it showed them online. That's when I checked the system messages and low and behold I was silenced for 24 hours.

I immediately contacted a GM through the behavioral button. Today I got a response saying its an automated system and that I have to wait for it to expire before I can chat again...

REALLY??? Just because someone or a group of people (you know who you are since ironically I was silenced right after the harasser was standing behind me doing the running man...) want to grief someone else (God forbid), I can't chat now and Cryptic refuses to do anything about it! I mean they have logs. They can see that I am being legit and truthful. Harassment should not be tolerated by the community, STO and lastly Cryptic/PW.

They have removed these in the past for me and several others after the response "We have reviewed the circumstances surrounding your chat ban and can find no reason for it. We have opted to remove it early." (Or something similar)

If this is the way Cryptic is going to treat their customers for abiding by the "Terms of service" and not punish those who are violating for those who all following it, God help us...

I am very frustrated about this and wonder what the "Terms of Service" are even for at this point. If they aren't going to uphold them, do we really need them?

this happened to me at drozona a ufp (somthin) fleet was doing this as entertainment, had to run major event thru ts and have my employees talk for me lol, it was weak. i avoid rp'rs, trollers, large groups of the same fleet in drozona station now. /who in chat will show you if large groups of peeps are in one area, change instance to avoid em. (id perfer the excessive power without checks n balances fixed tho)