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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
obvious troll is obvious!
add something to the topic or leave, kkthxbb
Seriously man, your ability to use google leaves a lot to be desired and calls into question any and all advice you've given in this thread.

You claim google doesn't give any information on what a stromboli is. Yet you didn't google search ... STROMBOLI.

You searched Stromboli Italian Dish.

You could have just searched Stromboli. It's there.

You could have searched Stromboli Italian food.

You could have searched Stromboli Calzone (and found out that there's a lot of people asking the question about what the difference is between them).

Instead you chose to do one off the wall search and not follow that up with any other searches.

And I find it quite odd that when just typing in the word stromboli into your google search field, google didn't offer its own suggestions on how to complete that search, such as stromboli recipe that flashes up everytime I try to type the word stromboli.

The biggest punchline of this entire farce? I was originally going to say calzone in my analogy instead of stromboli.

So, as I was always trying to point out ... Your offer of assisting the OP in his choice of pizza toppings by suggesting he get something else entirely is much more of a troll than my joke about him getting a JHAS. Why? Because this type of behavior infects thread after thread after thread.

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