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05-16-2013, 10:24 AM
I think I can settle this lengthy argument rather conclusively, if you fine gentlemen will permit!

I'm a torpedo specialist, and I mainly PVP, though my effectiveness in PVE is ridiculous too. I decided to spec into torps after every STO "pvp pro" I ran into laughed at them, and told me to run DHCs. I enjoy showing folks they're wrong :p

Tried transphasics. Tried quantums. Tried photons, chronitons, tricobalts and temporal disruption devices. Got the Omega and Romulan plasma torps. Built setups to put out the most damage possible with kinetic weapons. Got Adapted Maco. Got Rule 62 console, tachyokinetic converter, Romulan and Borg universals, 3 purple projectile doffs and 3 Romulan boffs for extra crit. 5x 30% tactical dmg consoles for each torp I tried.

I've settled on quantum torpedoes, combined with a pair of torpedo spreads as my primary offensive ability. In PVP, torpedo spreads with quantums do not miss. This is an incredibly powerful asset to have, as nowadays people stack defense rather heavily, and [acc]x3 weapons are usually the only way to counter that. Well, torp spreads with quantums are another counter. If I fire one of these at my target while it's in range... it doesn't matter if the target moves out of range, evades, or cloaks - they will hit. They are not subject to accuracy rules, which means you can equip quantums with extra crit, if that is your choice, and benefit from this crit heavily in PVP.

I score multi-kills in Kerrat. I've killed 3 klinks at a time on multiple occasions now, with a single back-to-back spread of quantums. Shooting for a quad-kill. Haven't seen a DHC setup capable of that yet.

I fire one of these a second. And I should update that screenshot - they're even deadlier now.

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