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Do you want to know how unfair the system really is? After doing some searching through the forums, I found out that some fleet owners are building two to three fleet bases. Instead of owners being satisfied with building one base, some fleets have decided to construct three of them.

...and, they are recruiting way over 400+ members.

Cryptic should have a mechanism in place, so that fleet owners are only allowed to build one base.
Why would Cryptic limit the number of bases its players can make - especially when they're looking into making a Fleet Alliance system?

I have 15 alts. They're not all in the same Fleet. If people want to spend their time grinding Fleet resources how does that hurt anyone? It's not stopping you from also grinding for resources.

Heretic was quite upfront about the Fleet requirements: 25 players, each playing casually for Fleet resources - defined by Heretic as playing 2-3 times a week for 3 hours. Doing this will get you to T5 in about 7 months. Mathematically that's 150-225 /played hours per week. If you have 5 people doing it then that's 30-45 hours a week for each of them. It's just math: 25 players = 7 months. 12 players equals 14 months. 6 players equals 28 month, if you want to do it casually.

The system is designed for 25 people, and DStahl re-affirmed in the last Ask Cryptic that it will stay designed for 25 people. It's not Cryptic's fault if people want to make Fleets of 1 or 2, nor is there any call for conspiracy theories about larger Fleets intentionally trying to keep smaller Fleets down. It's all just about whether or not the effort is worth the outcome.
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