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Originally Posted by kamipoi View Post
and how they currently look they won't help us keep up with this system even if we can max one system such as the 100/30/15/15 that still leaves two subsystems sooo terribly open to drain its not funny its a bad mechanic they came up with the counter balance an even worse one but sicne we are stuck with it

again making it optional would be nice they are not going to do that though

best bet lower the penalty from 40 to 20 you can always change it if people complain cryptic but that will be a better balance allowing romulans to be atleast playable still the underdogs by far but playable in endgame pvp...currently they will ahve to rely on the bang/cloak/run philosophy leaving that lovly ha'nom useless in its own right let alone the dd as those are stay in the fight ships(that can't stay in a fight as their healing will be compromised to heck)
I do really feel that once the PVPers hit max level and get all their gear and they start going up against FED/KDF and realize how screwed they are the backlash will be insane and we'll see a power level change.

From recent math done in the ship/singularity topic it doesn't look like our situation will be as bad as we think, we'll still be vastly outpowered by FED/KDF but we'll at least be able to reach pre-warp core fed/kdf levels. while losing out in other stats.

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As I've stated before I believe there should be a build of 2 power across all levels per charge level so at 5 a person would be effectively the same as someone with out singularity power but by using a power you loose that power... It would also reduce the effectiveness of stealth at full power so that's another thing..

This gives us more options in using them situationally and not purely depending on them to keep up due to the power drain...
I really like this as well, i've posted it and i've seen others post it as well and it would be very fair.

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