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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
WOW, the amount of misinformation in only 3 sentences here is incredible. quad phasers not only drain 10 weapon power as all DHC do, they need additional 10 engine power too.
on top of that they have the worst modifiers for DHC

the only thing they are good for is to level a toon...once you hit max level get rid of them, quickly!
a dmg mod adds 6 dps tp dhc normaly. 1 mark adds about 8 dps that makes quad cannons allways 3 marks above a common DHC. in other words quad cannons are MK XIV common DHC with an extra drain on engine power and a nice effect.
as a comparison advanced fleet DHC are uncommon MK XIV

misinformation, lol...

Standard DHC take 12 weapon power, not 10.

Kumari Wing Cannons take 15

Beams and single cannons take 10.

Turrets and the cutting beam take 8.

The more you know...

Edit: I stopped using my Quads because I don't run phasers anymore on my MV (<3 phased polaron) and on my Kumari I liked the all blue look, but the engine drain on the Quad's is actually kinda nice, at least in PvE. It means while I am on an attack run my speed drops slightly, so I keep my target in front of me for longer before I need to change directions. They also particularly rock on a Kumari, as the lesser weapon drain helps to offset the added drain from the wing cannons. I just like the all matching look.
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