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05-16-2013, 12:18 PM
<insert cheeky commentary here>

-=Bringing Down the House=-
-Love the ability to kick the equipment. Pointless, but amusing all the same.
-Ketha Lowlands really is quite beautiful now.. It really makes me wish it was a social zone - I think I would trade it for the current Academy without hesitation. Kudos to those who gave it a facelift!
-Some of the transit times seem a bit.. masochistic. Flying all the way across the Qo'noS system to hunt down the warp trails and all the way across Omega Leonis to the Forcas System.. are just long periods of sitting there staring at your ship, waiting for something to eventually happen. It's not really interesting or educational, just tedious.
-Overall, I really do like how this mission was remastered. The dialogue was quite interesting. Otherwise, I didn't really run into any big issues.

-=The House Always Wins=-
-The funeral cutscene is a nice addition. It helps reinforce the sense of what it means to be a part of the Klingon Empire.
-The Klingon interior filters still seem a bit rough. There is an offset shadowy 'box' that is very jarring. I noticed it both in House Torg and the Great Hall in First City.
-Torg despawns after 20-30 seconds if you talk to him without advancing the dialog. However, you can speak with J'mpok again to spawn him, so it's not a major issue.
-Loved the restructuring of this mission. I think it does very well as the final showdown of the level bracket.

-The "Tournament on Forcas (Optional)" mission popped up, but transwarping directly to it costs 100ec - which my character did not have yet. Granted, I could have vendored something to remedy that, but it struck me as odd seeing as the next mission was free to warp to.

-=Test of Mettle=-
-The map waypoint for the shipyard points to the far north-east if you're in First City - rather than to the transport pads.
-The K'tanco really doesn't suit the bridge officers new players are given up to that point(2 tac, 1 sci, 1 eng). I know it might be a lot to ask, but would the team consider changing the ensign engineering bridge slot to a universal one?
-At this point I noticed that I have two of the exact same bridge officers(B'ellera). One already part of my crew, another in the candidate roster. I did not repeat any missions, although I am not certain at which point the 'clone' was awarded..
-The beacon/engagement/ambush in Cursa takes place too close to the moon. I got the atmospheric white-out on approach, and the mobs constantly seemed to try to drag the battle into that atmospheric whiteout range(each encounter literally flew directly towards the moon).

-=Second Star to the Right, Straight on 'til Morning=-
-The Communications Satellites at Mars have disruptor beam and turret defenses(I did see a phaser turret, but most were disruptor).

-=Keep Your Enemies Closer=-
-I only just noticed, but it seems odd that the tractor beam emits out the K'tanco from it's left wing cannon..
-The security system could be disabled/interacted with again during the escape from the prison.