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05-16-2013, 01:34 PM
We are aware of the issue, unfortunately it's not consistent. Any further info would be helpful, such as specific character names and handles, the number of times you've switched fleets, if the character was online when the invite was made, or privacy settings. Any info of this type would be helpful in tracking down the problem.
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Left Task Force Specter about a week ago, that's when I got bugged and unable to join my old fleet (S.W.O.R.D.)
Tried online, offline, from multiple characters and fleets.
Switched fleets roughly 5 times in the last couple years, mostly to buy fleet ships.


I apparently can't zone into fleet starbases either. I was invited to a group by a fleetmate, and attempted to zone into SWORD's starbase from Eta Eridani. The option was there, I clicked it, and I didn't zone,a nd the option reappeared.

--- EDIT 2

Was able to zone into starbase when invited by a fleet member. When accepting an invite, the prompt disapears and people get errors trying to send you another invite, tho that error can be cleared with the /guild_leave command; that gives you an error where you can't use the command because you're not in a fleet, but it allows another invite to be sent regardless.

-- Edit 3;
Stranger and stranger, got another invite from a friend of a friend, and got this error;

[Fleet] Myshella has invited you to join STO Academy.

[Fleet] Error accepting fleet invite: you are not in a fleet.
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