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Originally Posted by theodrim View Post
That's Elachi behavior in general. I think they, as an NPC race, just have starship sensors through the wazoo. Also, don't forget cloak strength is (marginally) dependent upon aux power, in which warbirds run chronic deficits, singularity charge hurts cloak strength, and the Elachi missions come at a point in the timeline before most players get points in the stealth skill.

The one thing I found immensely helped during that mission line, especially for the levels at which it occurs coupled with the Elachi's own stats, is to swap out your Mogai for your Temporal Ambassador reward ship. Battle cloak doesn't really help against Elachi anyhow, but the improved resilience of either the Ambassador or Kamarag and improved weapons slotting and power does.
How did you even get through that mission? I got smashed once my very anemic backup was obliterated. The only way I got through the mission was through some strange bug while I was observing the Elachi's tracking behaviour.