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Originally Posted by sopwithsnipe View Post
You mean like how the US Navy sent it's fighters after the Japanese carriers at the battle of Midway? Or any of the other carrier battles whose victory was decided by fighters, dive bombers, torpedo bombersd?
You know, actually exactly like this.

Think of it as circles within circles. Fighter's out front, then escorts, then battleships and carriers. Even on island defense you had the same thing, just with the island, or in this case planet, in the center.

So while I know you were trying to be sarcastic, you actually proved my point. The US Navy, and the Japanese Navy, sent their planes out FIRST, not their battleships.

Originally Posted by szerontzur View Post
Eh, I managed to beat the mission without dying as well, but it required a lot of defensive maneuvers and luring a couple of the ships carefully out of the death-blob(even so, the two dreads at once kept me constantly on my toes). The NPC 'hero' ships actually managed to kill the Command ship by the time I had just finished off the second dreadnought.

It makes me wonder if the intended approach is to just focus down the command ship right off the bat like the Elachi Walkers in Best Defense.
I tried that. The problem is, once the fighters are down, all those dreadnaughts start using overlapping cone AoEs and if you're in the center of it, you'll never get out of it, but if you concentrate on the outships first, they just wear you down.

I will say this though, I'm pretty sure they expected you to be in a D'Deridex when you fight this battle, armed with cannons. The ships are slow enough that they don't turn much. The problem is of course, that the two battle prior to that, if you
re in a D'Deridex with cannons, you can't turn fast enough to keep up with the swarm of frigates and escorts.

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