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05-16-2013, 02:52 PM
Tactically speaking, this entire mission doesn't make sense.

You fight off wave one and retreat? Nothing is there, why would one retreat closer to the planet so that the next wave of enemies can easily bombard it?

I'm not aware of any military organization that fights a battle, wins, and retreats, especially if the the MAIN target of the enemy, and if you lose it, you lose everything.

In short, there is nowhere to retreat to. Hold the line, at all costs.

The other ships, including the 'hero' ships from the KDF and Starfleet, if you watch them fight, they are literally getting destroyed in about 3 salvos or less by the enemy fleet, and are almost constantly in 'repairing' mode. There is absolutely NO realism in this fight.

Your allies from the Flotilla? If they aren't long gone by wave 3, they will be soon, and they don't respawn. So at the end of the battle, I would have expected there to be no more Flotilla location on the sector map afterwards, but there is. Therefore, one would expect a fair number of them to have survived. Or some testament to the loss and rebuilding of the Republic fleet. At least they tried to add this in at the end of the mission. But it's more like it wasn't real afterwards.

This battle is basically the Romulan equivalent of Wolf 359, with similar consequences for failure

Now, if you got beat back toward New Romulus by wave 1. Then Wave 2 would be incoming, and Wave 3 was the Command Ship in the back, with a small support, for instance. Then we linked up with the hero ships, flanked them to get to the Command ship and destroy it for the win, that would work much better. But I have no clue whether the game engine would support that kind of fight.

At least this would feel more epic to play, rather than a hopeless zerg fest. While I'm sure its possible to play as is with less to no zerg, why would we want to? It's just too unrealistic in its current form

Unlike the majority of the rest of the Romulan story line, I've no desire to replay this. It could award a Mk XV Legendary Singularity Core, or Warp Core (gold color) from the 29th Century, and I wouldn't enjoy playing it as it currently is.

For realism's sake, The Flotilla ships would have to respawn. They need to be able to keep the Elachi busy, and the Elachi need to make at least a token attack on the planet if they get in range.

I'm really hoping this mission is a chain of gigantic bugs and issues, and will be closer to entirely retooled before it hits Holodeck, because it's an immense letdown.

Aside from the Vengance Arc, the Romulan story line is a real thrill to play, and they could save this arc if they just explained, fixed, or preferably both, Elachi SPACE technology, their ground setup is just fine.